JMP Investment is a company belonging to Mr. JOSÉ PÉREZ's business group, a young Ecuadorian entrepreneur, who owns 20 years of experience in the different stages of construction and real estate sector in New York.

What we do

JMP Investments provides to its customers a personalized treatment and a comprehensive service, before, during and after the investment process.

Property Managmet

Our clients can trust us with their properties on the related with: tenant relations and billing, expense control, insurance, Budgeting, rent collection, maintenance, improvements, taxes, inspections and more.


We manage all related with leasings service, since renewals to  tenant interviews, temporary leasing, comparisons and new leasings.


At JMP Investments, we do our work honestly, so we offer our clients the right advice  so each decision is strategically planned.

Why to invest in real estate?

For many years, real estate investment has been worldwide, and for many specialists in real estate, one of the best investment alternatives, since it allows the acquisition of an asset that will hardly be depreciated, on the contrary it will probably increase its value and in some cases, generate a high additional income.

At JMP Investments, want to give our clients the opportunity to participate in a low risk, safe and profitable investment through the service of buying and selling, management, rental, and leasing of real estate.

We make sure to analyze the location, price and condition of the property, to give our clients the certainty that they will obtain the best cost-benefit relation when investing with us.